Thursday, December 10, 2009

Let Christmas Shine!!

Tonight was the Radio City Christmas Spectacular featuring The Rockettes and it did not disappoint! Andrew and Audrey drove in from Louisville to see the show with us and we had such a great time!! Our seats were on the floor of Rupp Arena, 3rd row, maybe 5 seats in from right side. It was so great to sit so close -- two years ago when we were in New York our seats were first balcony so they were great for seeing the whole production, but it was nice to be close enough to see the expressions on the girls' faces and the details of their costumes. Also, since I knew what to expect I could keep my emotions in check and not cry from excitement/joy like last time :)

I didn't take any pictures during the performance because I'm a rule follower that way but they had one of those 'get your picture taken with a Rockette' green screens set up and I promise to post that image as soon as it's available.

AND AUDREY BOUGHT ME ONE OF THE HATS THAT THEY WEAR FOR THE MARCH OF THE WOODEN SOLDIERS!!!! I don't get to have it until Christmas but am SO excited!!! I bet it's even bigger than Big Dolly's hat. He hasn't come out of storage yet this year but we're hoping to decorate some this weekend.

That's all for now - big weekend ahead - three take home finals to write, one final for which to study, so I might not blog again until after the 16th. But then I have three weeks off and I CAN'T WAIT!


Pocket said...

How fun! Glad you were able to fit in some Christmas merriment before all this studying. Good luck!

Redhead Runner said...

The tallest soldier is my favorite!

Diana said...

so fun! bye the way- we now own two dogs!