Saturday, April 24, 2010

Yesterday our cat Josie joined Cookie and my mom at that big lake house in the sky.


Ode to Josie
by Jennifer Wheeler

Lap warmer,
Mouse catcher,
Window percher,
Breed ambassador.

You might say you wore many hats,
But I only ever saw you wear antlers.

Award winner,
Punham ranch dweller,
Couch topper,
Prey stalker,

You might say cat-cat beef-beef,
But I always thought Schnitzel was pork.

Fence walker,
Avid scratcher,
Noodle snuggler,
Expert napper.

Of all the cats I ever knew, (and thanks to Chuck Griffis I've known a few);
There's never been one I liked as much as you.



Jennifer Wheeler said...

Aww! I feel honored to have my sloppy attempt at poetry published! Those pictures are great, she was such a sweet kitty!

Pocket said...

What a great Ode to Josie! I loved it and it made me cry. Well done, Jen Wheeler, well done!

We miss Josie already. It will be weird going to your house and not seeing her in the yard. Boo hoo.