Tuesday, May 11, 2010

our Sunday project

yay! new vegetable garden!! we got a raised bed, ripped out a rose bush and lots of grass, and added lots and lots of soil and manure. we planted six tomato plants, six pepper plants, dahlias, zinnias, parsley, and basil - hopefully some if it will have a chance to grow before Fiona digs it all out!!

also -- do you like our new fence?!?!


Tammy said...

very nice!! wish I could make time to do a veg. garden like that. maybe one day.. love the fence too :)

Redhead Runner said...

Most of the time was spent thinking about. Actual execution of the project was only 4 hours, and that includes the trip to the farmers market to buy the plants.

You should plant one!

陽峰 said...
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