Monday, August 02, 2010

s'pose this post should've been last night...

oh well....

thank GAWD Ginnie called me last night to chat about our week-long class this week! She HAPPENED to mention the end-of-rotation packet/checklist that was due today and I was like, "check-a what?!?!" I managed to assemble all the things that we were required to turn in this morning before class started, but if she hadn't said anything it I seriously would have shown up with nothing and just looked like a moron.



Friday night Pete picked me up from work and we drove straight to Cincinnati to meet Rachael and Sylvain at the Reds Stadium to watch the Reds play the braves, though Pete was cheering for the Cubs.

We spent the night at Rachael's mom's house (thanks Joyce!!) and after some FABU pancakes and Pete's 12-mile run (weirdo.) we headed to the Newport Aquarium with the little nugget!!

I'm not sure how much fun she actually had but we sure had a good time watching her watch everything. I think she liked the big glass tunnels best. We had lunch with Rachael and Sylvain and wee baby Sylvia before heading home for the afternoon. We wanted to say later but had to get home to our pups.

Saturday night we had dinner downtown at A la Lucie and then walked around Gratz Park to see more of the Horse Mania horses. Pete and I each found ones we liked.

We're hoping to see all of them before the World Equestrian Games in September!

Sunday I had an evidence-based practice project to finish to complete my rotation and that took from about 10am to 4pm, then we went to Matt and Jen's for a cookout for dinner. This week marks a special time in Pete's life - the last week of his 20s. He turns 30 on Monday the 9th, so I'm sure we'll have something to post about that soon.

And after that we'll be on our way to CHARLESTON!!! Yay for long-awaited vacations!!


Laura said...

And no, I don't know what's going on with my background. I tried to fix it, but to no avail.

Sarah said...

I have always wanted to try A la Lucie...hopefully someday soon.

Tammy said...

yay - new blog :) looks like a fun weekend - the baby is precious :) miss you guys - wish we were closer to Charleston and you could make a day trip like last time - but we're not so close anymore unfortunately - or we'd be making a nice little trip there sometime too!

Pocket said...

Seriously, this background situation on blogger is ridiculous!! I've been trying to fix mine for weeks now and it's totally wonky.

We had a blast at the aquarium and Sylvia LOVED it! Thanks for joining us this weekend and good luck with your week long class.