Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The times they are a changin'.....

This weekend we started the big move. Okay, not a big move, but we moved my office furniture out of what will become the nursery and into various new places. My desk is in the guest bedroom, the round and round chair is in our bedroom, and my two bookcases are on the landing upstairs. We finished all the cleaning, sorting, and recycling this evening. The end result is a room ready for our little one:

It's not much, but we think it'll make for a great little nursery :)

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Pocket said...

Hooray! Baby rooms are so much fun! I think you have the perfect little nook there for your perfect little bundle! It'll be nice having the baby room right off of your master bedroom. You won't have to travel too far in the middle of the night! Good luck!