Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Babies, Babies, Everywhere!!

In the past 9 days I have been to 4 baby showers!! Two for me, 2 for other friends of mine who are also due in April. Here's a pic of all the preggo ladies at my shower two Saturdays ago.
Bari's due May 30th, I'm due mid-April, Megan's due April 30th, and Emily is due April 1st.
Emily, Megan and I are all having girls - yay for more girls to join the Nugget!! Josh and Bari aren't finding out the sex of their little one so it will be a Memorial Day surprise!

February 26th I had my first shower - a fabulous bird and nest-themed event thrown by Rachael and Audrey.
And as I mentioned earlier, Grandma Prann came!!!
It was so great to have her sitting beside me as I opened gifts - oohing and aahing over everything with me.
AND Matt and Jen drove in all the way from SOUTH CAROLINA just to come to my shower!! Talk about great friends. We all went to lunch before the shower - Grandma too - then Matt and Pete went off together while Jen stayed for the shower.
Like all of my friends at the shower, Matt and Jen were super-generous with their gifts. They want to be sure that Baby Girl Crawford is well-supplied for her first trip to S.C., so in addition to giving her the most darling sundress with flamingos on it, they gave us this little number:
You might not be able to tell from the picture, but it is an infant-sized crocheted/knitted(?) BIKINI!! Jen assures me it was meant as a joke, but I feel like we'll at least have to take a picture of Baby Girl in it just for posterity.

It was so great to see all my friends - old and new - and I feel so lucky that our little girl will have so many people to love and support her when she makes her arrival.

The day after my shower was Emily's - it was a GREAT little party for baby Scarlett - I forgot my camera, though, so I'll have to wait for others to share their pictures before I can post any.

This past Saturday was Megan's shower. Emily H., Emily L., and Christa did a FABU job decorating. I l.o.v.e. all the pom-poms. AND we made an alphabet book book for baby Clover. Emily had 26 pages with a giant letter sticker on each one. There were plenty of markers to go around and we each made a page or two for the book. I chose L and did an L is for Ladybug page :) That and Present Bingo are my two new favorite shower games. AND the minute-to-win-it game Rachael incorporated at my shower. Maybe I'll post that video later.

On Sunday, April, Ginnie and the girls from my program at school threw a shower for me and Mindy, who is due at the end of June. I'll save that one for another blog, but it was great!


pgwheeler said...

How wonderful to have so many good friends expecting at the same time. You all will have a great support system all through your little ones growing up.
Thank you for the sweet thank you note.
We remind Matt frequently how lucky he got with his parents. :)
Looking forward to having the Crawford's at our B%B.

melanie said...

you look SO great! and how cute did your chair turn out...can't wait to see you soon! xoxo, -melanie-