Friday, March 25, 2011

We are SO lucky..... have such loving and generous friends!!

Earlier in March all the girls from my program at school got together and threw a shower for me and Mindy. Mindy is due 10 weeks after I am with a little boy!

April was kind enough to host us at her new house, Tracy and Holly made the darling diaper cakes, Ginnie brought the delicious treats from Babycakes, and Corie got us coordinating frames! They're magnetic so you can put different initials and little figures on them - so cool. It was so fun to have someone to share in all the shower fun - Mindy and I sat side by side opening gifts and playing games - we had the best time!! I'm so excited that I know so many people who are having babies this spring or summer. I think we'll have a good time sharing ideas and inspiration, trials and triumphs as we wade through our first few months as moms. Thanks to everyone who took time out of their Sunday to come. :)

Then, two Wednesdays ago, our church choir threw us a shower during the second half of rehearsal time!! This was especially fun because Pete was there, too! We love being a part of such a great group. Here are some pics of us opening our gifts:

a whole box of goodies

including some awesome soft books!

Then it was time to open the big box.

Here we are getting ready to leave, giving one last thank-you to our fearless director Clif.

We're all done with showers and have bought all of our remaining gear. I finally found a coming home outfit this afternoon at Bella Bliss. Now we just have to install the car seat, write a labor plan, and pack a bag. Oh yeah. And find a pediatrician. We've met with one and have appointments with two more in April. Nothing quite like waiting until the last minute. Oh well, I have been pretty busy with certain school projects up until this week ;)

I'm pretty excited about this upcoming weekend - no major projects, just time to clean the house and try to relax a bit!

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Pocket said...

Hooray! Look at you and your beautiful belly!! It's getting so close! I can't wait!!