Monday, August 01, 2011

3 Months Old!!

Look at her!! In the blink of an eye - our baby is 3-months old!!

As a big 3-monther, Ellie tried her Jumperoo...

and loved it!

She continues her love affair with overhead fans...

and daily tummy time.

Ellie produces copious amounts of drool, smiles all the time, and converses with anyone who will listen. She sucks on her fingers incessantly, but they soothe her when she is upset, so we can't complain. She is also one mobile burrito! Though we still swaddle her each night, it does not prevent her from wiggling to the far corners of her crib and wedging her head against the rails. Ellie and I continue to attend mama & baby pilates and yoga twice a week, she seems to love all the stretches and baby yoga moves!

We love you baby girl! Don't grow up TOO fast!!


Jennifer said...

Oh. my. goodness. These are some great pics! I especially love her facial expressions on the last two tummy time photos. (The peek of the framed Melanie Mauer collection of infant Ellie in the background looks really good too!) Thanks for the update!

Amy Dickinson said...

I cannot believe that smile. Too freaking adorable.

Actually, I can, since her parents are Laura and Pete.

Happy belated birthday, to Ellie AND Pete!