Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Baby's Got a Brand New Bag

It finally arrived!!

After much web-surfing, local shopping, and seeing what others are using, I have found a diaper bag. WHEW! We bought one (a spendy one) before Ellie was born - it's OiOi, black, messenger bag with all the specs that a bag is supposed to have, and I don't like it one bit. The strap is too long (and not adjustable), I don't like how the outer pockets stick out, and it's a little masculine.
Charcoal Dot Messenger Diaper Bag with Lime Interior by OiOi
I figured out after Baby Girl arrived that rather than have a diaper bag to carry in addition to my regular purse I really would be served best by having a larger tote that LOVE the look of and could carry as an all-in-one, purse/baby bag combo. Sure I loved what Kate Spade had to offer but couldn't really wrap my mind around the price.

I was also worried that the color might not please me through the seasons. Thank goodness I go to Mom & Baby Yoga and saw the bag I ended up ordering, just in an older color combo. It is large enough to hold all the stuff I now find myself carrying that wasn't necessary when Ellie was an infant: zebra blankie, nursing cover, teething ring, etc. There will only be more items when she begins eating solid foods in two more months and again when she stops nursing and needs sippy cups and snacks. It is also cute enough that I could just be carrying a large tote and not schlepping diapers.

(yes! those ARE my old pants - they fit again!!)

The brand is Bella Tunno - it's called the Beautifully Basic Baby Diaper Bag - and I already love it!! It was empty when I took the pictures - the bottom doesn't fold up like that now that it has my stuff inside. Hopefully we'll still get to use the OiOi bag when Ellie starts going to day care (at an unknown time in the future) and needs a bag to stay with her during the day. In my infinite pregnant wisdom I removed the tags from the bag and don't have the receipt.

Stay tuned for Ellie's 4-month-old post! I'll get it written eventually!!


Jennifer said...

First... congrats on being back in your old pants!!!

Second... that bag is so cute, I could totally use something like that just for all of MY gear (lunch, sweater for when the office is chilly, snacks etc.) Nice find!

Laura said...

I should clarify - they're my OLD pants - from when I was a slightly larger Loo. I don't think I'll fit into my skinny pants until/if I start running again. The bag is so great that yesterday I just put all my Target purchases in it instead of using my shopping bag - you should totally get one - check out amazon, they have better prices :)

Julie said...

I'm so glad the Pinterest icon worked! I love all the crafty things you find on there...