Thursday, September 01, 2011

It's September Already?!?!?!

Yipes! Time has seriously. got. to. slow. down. Our baby girl is 4 months old!!

We took Ellie to her well-check on Tuesday and she got two immunizations. I will take her back next week for two more. Here are her stats: (I don't know if the percentiles are for 4-month old females or 18 -week old females, I forgot to ask, but I suspect they are for 18 weeks.)

Height: 26" (93%)
Weight: 14 lbs, 6 oz (61%)
Head circumference: 41 cm (47%)

She's long! I am still putting her in some of her 0-3 month clothes while they fit. The doggie applique onesie is one of our favorites.

I finally broke down and bought her a hair bow - when she wears gender neutral clothes it really helps to i.d. her as a girl...I don't love the look, though, so I doubt she'll wear them too often. When she has hair I think they'll look cuter.

Here she is chilling with her daddy in his office:

In her fourth month Ellie has started to do several new things. She found her feet,

learned to roll back to front,

and let us know we needed to move her bedtime up again.

She also started carrying her own shopping bag.

Every day we are reminded how perfect she is and are so thankful that she's ours!!


Pocket said...

Awww!!!! I love love LOVE the sleeping bumbo picture. And all the others. I can't believe she's four months old already! Yipes!

Tammy said...

the bumbo pic. is too funny :) I'm with you on the headbands. not a fan - but I like the way you put it on her - most people put it on like a sweatband which I think looks so strange. She's adorable whatever is on her head!!! no doubt about that :) And she's me niece :)))))) I like saying that HA!