Monday, September 19, 2011

For Aunt Jenni and Uncle Pete

Saturday morning, we put Ellie in her new UK outfit from her Aunt Jenni and Uncle Pete. She would be in bed well before the UK/UofL game, but we thought the folks at Starbucks would get a kick out of her custom-made tutu when we went to grab morning coffee treats.

Alas, she cheesed all over the blue onesie before we could make it out the door. So she wore this outfit instead :)

If only having our baby decked out in cute UK gear could have had some sort of positive impact on our team's performance.


Pocket said...

Ack!!! So cute! I love both outfits. But Sylvia would freak out over the tutu. "Tutu" is now one of the few words she knows how to say...thanks to Grammy :)

jenni said...

I somehow missed this post... I think this is the only "hair bow picture" i've seen on ellie.. (understandable with the blue onsie..) Dig those baby legs!