Friday, November 04, 2011

6 months.

I can't believe our Baby Girl has been with us for half of a year. I feel like I love her more every day. I miss holding the tiny baby that was placed in my arms six months ago, but each day she does something new and amazing that I would not trade for the world.

Ellie's 6-month checkup was on Wednesday, she weighed 16 lbs, 9 oz (56th percentile) with a length of 27 inches (85th percentile). She had two immunizations, one of which was her flu shot. She's been pretty clingy and extra tired since then. I'm hoping she'll be able to sleep through the night tonight, last night she was up every three hours, which hasn't happened since she was about six weeks old. Poor girl, I just don't think she feels very well. I know my annual flu shot usually makes me feel puny for a day or two.

In the last month, Ellie's personality has really started to shine! She is a happy baby, babbling the most after her morning feeding or when she's on her changing table. That's right - she's now producing front consonant sounds!! The morning she first made a /b/ sound I almost squealed out loud, but I didn't want to startle her so I managed to hold it in. She has also made a /p/ and an /m/, though not as often. A few days after her /b/ production, she blew a raspberry, and was instantly hooked. She blows them all the time now and is so pleased with herself with each production! But if she is not happy - she let's us know it. Ellie will kick her legs and furrow her brow until the situation changes, whether it is placing a toy closer so that she can grab it or picking her up out of the Bumbo or off the floor.

Thankfully, her hair is growing in quite rapidly. She was born with red hair and then it all fell out when she was 3 to 4 weeks old. She looked like Lex Luthor for her 1-month pictures! Now she's nice and fuzzy, but it is looking more brown than red. That's okay, though - brown hair/blue eyes has served me pretty well - look at the wonderful hubby I managed to score :)

In her 6th month, Ellie really championed sitting up - no more tripod - she just sits tall and proud, turning her pretty-shaped head whenever we call to her.

look at the band-aids from her shots - sweet girl was a trooper and barely cried

We have also started using a few signs with her to facilitate her language development. We use the following signs: mommy, daddy, doggie, milk, diaper, bath, water, all done, and out. When she begins to use approximations of these signs with us, hopefully in a few more months, we'll add more signs from her routine and some modifiers such as 'more' and 'please'. I'm excited to see how this develops!

Here are some pictures I took the afternoon of her 6-month birthday - it was warm and sunny out, probably for the final time this year.

Baby Girl, we are really looking forward to the next few months with you! We know the holidays will be more special than ever before - can't wait!!


Pocket said...

Such a sweet girl! Loved your post!

Jennifer said...

Snuggling Sophie on the quilt is such a great pic!

Tuba, or not tuba ... that is the question said...

She's absolutely adorable. Hope we get to meet her in person SOON!

Julie said...

Adorbs! Although I think you may still have redhead on your hands... auburn? Titian?