Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Thankful for a good little traveler

We were home from Florida for two short days before we loaded up in the car and headed to Pennsylvania to spend the holiday with my mom's family. It's normally about an eight-and-a-half hour drive to Reading, PA; but with Ellie dictating when we had to stop for eating and changing, it took every bit of ten hours. Luckily, every time we got her out of her car seat she was as happy as she could be - giggling and laughing and happy to be with us.

Thursday morning we headed out to Honey Brook for our 3rd annual Tel-Hai Camp Turkey Bowl 5K. Uncle Corky rode with us to the race and Uncle Richard met us there. I was looking forward to the race - it is always nice to 'earn' a big turkey dinner. Alas, Ellie's morning nap time fell about 30min before the race began, and I certainly was not going to wake a sleeping baby - especially when we had a big day ahead that would include her dining with 30-some other people. So I did not get to run the race - I sat in the car with Snoozy Boof.

Since I didn't participate, I was able to get some good snapshots of those who did.

Pete came in 12th out of 497 with a time of 18:45. Rich and Corky ran as well, finishing 105th and 107th, with times of 24:41 and 24:44, respectively.

The rest of the afternoon was pretty calm - I didn't take many pictures, we just hung around the house. Dinner was at 5pm - Ellie did really well in the high chair at Aunt Susie's and really seemed to enjoy her first taste of turkey. She LOVED her first taste of whipped cream, but I don't have any pictures as I was holding her while she ate dessert.

what's up turkey butt?

all dressed for dinner
nom nom nom - note Ellie's place card on the cabinet (thanks, Jade, for thinking of her!)

Thanksgiving dinner was our main event for the weekend. Other than that we didn't do anything terribly exciting. Went with Corky to get a new pair of running shoes and helped Aunt Susie and Uncle Joe clean up the woods around their property - there were two chainsaws, a chipper, and lots of folks (I think 12 in all?!?) sorting out the brush from the fire wood, stacking logs and cleaning up debris. New puppy Auggie even made an appearance!

Before we headed out of town we stopped in Tamaqua to have breakfast with Aunt Phyllis. Ellie was pretty excited to meet her great-great aunt!

Ellie's first Thanksgiving is in the books! Now on to Christmas!!


jenni said...

that's a wonderful picture of Aunt and Ellie!

Julie said...

presh presh presh!

Tammy said...

love the pictures! Glad she got to meet Aunt :) Aunt Suzie's high chair is sweet...and that "tiny diner" thing works well when you're out and about. I've been through two of them :) Miss you!

Pocket said...

I love how close you are to your extended family! Great-great aunt?! I wouldn't even know Sylvia's great-great aunts name! Oh wait, I think one of them might be Germaine. Anyway - I'm glad you're back! Kentucky missed you :)