Tuesday, December 06, 2011

7 months old.

It's getting more difficult to keep up with these monthly updates - month seven was a busy one for us and month eight doesn't seem to be slowing down!

It seems like Ellie had some of her biggest changes yet in month seven, the most visible of which is TWO TEETH!

I saw the first one on a Sunday evening in early November and eight days later Grandma and I spotted the 2nd one while eating breakfast on her porch!

She also started scooting backwards on her tummy and knees. She was sort-of doing it on the carpet one evening, so we moved her onto the hardwood, and she went all over the place!

Ellie traveled through four more states in her 7th month - FL, WV, MD and PA - bringing her total to 13 states - not too shabby!

She sat in a high chair for her meals (instead of just her Bumbo with tray) at Grandma's.

side note: Ellie is wearing the greatest bib ever in this pic - grandma had it at her house - it snaps behind the head AND around the arms - genius! It's Gerber so I figured I'd be able to find them on Amazon and get some - no such deal - I searched for bibs and smocks - so if you know where to get these, please leave a comment :)

Now that we're back home, she eats at the table from her hanging seat.

mmm, hummus

Ellie swam in a pool for the first time at Aunt Susie's Florida house.

I feel like I already touched on the rest of the Florida firsts - many different foods at Grandma's, including acorn squash and pineapple, new favorites. As you can probably tell from the pictures above, her hair is looking red again; but I swear in my house, which apparently lacks natural light, it looks brown. Either way is fine, it's just funny how it appears one color one day, and another color the next. Red heads are sneaky that way!!


Joyce said...

Gosh, the months just tick away! I can't wait to see little Ellie (and her mama and papa too, of course) over the holidays. And, I LOVE little redheads!

Julie said...

My vote: redhead :)

Tammy said...

cute little baby teeth :) love that old school hi-chair - back when things were made of metal and not plastic :) I've never seen one of those bibs - pretty cool

Pocket said...

What a big girl! I love the pic of you two in the pool! So sweet.

Jennifer said...

Oh yay! This update answered a lot of the questions in my last e-mail, so disregard them! I love these monthly recaps on all her milestones, I'm sure you'll love being able to look back at them too. Thanks!

KDub said...

the best bibs ever... long-sleeve and easily washable


and fyi i found your blog through my sister's, andi brewington