Thursday, December 29, 2011

Happy Anniversary Rachael!!

Today is Rachael and Sylvain's fifth wedding anniversary - Happy Day to them!!

before we were mommies - what would ellie, scarlett, and clover think?!?

Man was that one fun party. Don't even get me started on crazy French Uncle Eric.

When I was searching photo albums for old Big Dolly pictures I also came across some pictures of me and Rachael from our single, college days. (Also my pre-digital camera days, hence the photo albums.) I was trying to think of an excuse to post them - an anniversary seems like a pretty good one! So here are some shots from before either of us was a missus. Summer 2003? Not sure.... we went to Hazard, KY to sing at a friend's wedding.

Paws and Listen - Jamie, Me, Michelle, Rachael

The bride, Raye, was our student director.

We look so young - Look at our beautiful skin! Le sigh. Here's to memories and old friends!


Pocket said...

Holy moley! You went waaayyyy back, girlfriend! We look so young! My boobs will never look that good again!

And yes, our wedding was awesome...honored you were a part of it!

You are too sweet, thanks for the post :)

Laura said...

I was TOTALLY going to mention our boobs!! AND the reckless lack-of-bras on our part, but remembered that the posts go directly to my grandfather's inbox and thought better of it.