Friday, December 16, 2011

In the St. Nick of Time!

I finished Ellie's stocking and hung it by the chimney with care. My brothers and I have matching stockings knit for us by our Aunt Susie. If we ever had other stockings, I have no memory of them - and have never seen any others in pictures. Here's hoping Ellie's stocking is as meaningful to her as mine is to me!!


Tammy said...

oh I love it!!!! It's so neat how we all have the same variety of socks...mine and Pete's and Jen's are the same right? made by you. And all you Carter's are the same. pretty cool. And Ben and Jacob have ones made by Nanna Jan :) I love the tradition - we never had that growing up - no special sock - mom always had different ones from time to time :(

Laura said...
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