Monday, December 26, 2011

The Story of Big Dolly

Pete received his first Baby Dolly (B.D., pronounced 'beed' for short) Christmas of 1981, when he was a little over 16 months old.

As is often the case with a beloved animal/toy/puppet, Pete did not like to be without his BD so his mom had to acquire several so that one might be in the wash, or the car, or temporarily misplaced.

A few years after Pete began his love of toy soldier dollies a big toy store in Chicago (near where Pete grew up) was going out of business. So his mom drove into the city to get BIG Dolly for Pete for Christmas. But Big Dolly wouldn't fit in the trunk. Or the back seat. So Pete's mom had to drive home - down Michigan Ave - with Big Dolly next to her in the front passenger seat! Can you imagine the looks she got?!?!

I first met Big Dolly on November 25, 2004 when Pete and I went to his mom's house in Louisville for Thanksgiving.

Pete's mom brought Big Dolly to our house along with Pete's other childhood possessions in 2006 or 2007. In our first house we put him in the attic and there never really was a good place for him during Christmastime. In our current house Big Dolly lives in the unfinished side of the basement until it is time to decorate for the holidays. Our first two Christmases here he stayed in Pete's office. But this year, for Ellie's sake, I wanted him to be in the living room with the tree and other decorations. It took some major furniture moving to squeeze him in!

2007 - Celia Lane house


We're looking forward to many more Christmases with Big Dolly and Ellie!


Pocket said...

OMG! I got teary-eyed at those pics of Pete as a babe and then even more so when I saw Ellie and Big Dolly! I know I've seen it before, but MAN that thing is HUGE! That's a serious commitment, to keep him around, but I'm so glad you do! That pic of Ellie in his lap is priceless!!!

Meredith said...

Those pictures of Pete are so sweet! I love seeing babies with their lovies. Can you imagine how much fun it was for his mom to give him Big Dolly?