Sunday, January 01, 2012

Happy New Year!!

We got up first thing this morning and took a family picture. We forgot to take one Christmas morning, so we just wore our jammies again!!

Then we made cinnamon rolls - Ellie wasn't too happy that we would not share with her.

Not to fear, she perked up after breakfast.

Last night after the Cats beat the Cards we had dinner over at Josh and Bari's. That was the extent of our New Year's partying.

Our celebrating might not have been grand but Pete was still running a low grade fever so we thought it would be best to keep things low key. However, our farewell to 2011 shouldn't reflect on our feelings about the year. As Pete put it, the most perfect little girl we've ever seen entered our lives in 2011, so it was pretty unforgettable!!

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Tammy said...

Pete - those are the coolest Christmas jammie pants ever!!!