Sunday, October 21, 2012

Book Signing - Young House Love

Yesterday, the whole fam loaded in the car and drove just across the river into Cincinnati to attend the Books by the Banks festival.  There were all kinds of activities for kiddos, and great authors, blah, blah, blah.....


Rachael and Margot drove in from NKy, and Audrey and Andrew drove up from Louisville.

The festival started at 10am, and we arrived pretty much right on time.  Rachael had gotten there a few minutes before us and saved us a place in line.  It wasn't very long at that point, but within 15 minutes or so it was around the room!  We started to get nervous that they weren't going to get to us before they had to leave to do their panel discussion at 11am (which we also wanted to attend), but they signed our books, and Audrey and Andrew's, and, a good 15 people behind them.  (Pete and Andrew stayed behind to pay for our freshly-signed-but-not-yet-purchased books so we could get good seats for the talk.)
Wait wait wait Mom, I want to hear what Sherry is saying.

I really think we could all go out for coffee and have a great time.

Sherry lovin' on Margot.
They were SO SO sweet and chatted with us about their trip, eating at Graeter's etc.
They were equally sweet to Audrey once her spot came up in line.

Thank goodness for snacks and quiet books and iphone apps and aunts and uncles or Ellie never would have made it.

We tried to play it cool, I don't think we appeared too enthusiastic, just supportive and happy to meet them.  John is a soda enthusiast, so I brought him an Ale 8 One.  Audrey reminded me that it is Aquatober, however, so he might not have gotten to sample Kentucky's finest before boarding the plane home.

I read most of the book last night, am hoping to try projects number 2, 5, 20, 152, 207, 214, 231, 240, and 242 (can you hear Pete groaning loudly?)  So glad we got to meet the Petersiks!!  What a fun morning. 


Pocket said...

I can't remember what #20 was, but I know it's on my list because I know I stopped at 20 and thought, "Well, hell. This book is just making more work for me!"

I had a blast! Thank you for the awesome pictures!!

Anne said...

I was just reading the YHL blog and thought that was you in the picture so I clicked the link and it brought me to your blog. You guys made the YHL blog!!! So cool! And I'm jealous that you got to go and meet them. I would have loved to have gone but we had double header soccer game.

And I think that they should do a house crashing on you all because your house is super cute. I showed Derek pictures of the shower when I got home and told him all about how beautifully decorated your house it :)

WhyCuzICan said...

Hi there- I look found your blog via YHL one talking about the first book signing in Cinci

Looks like alot of fun!
Suzanne in NW Illinois