Monday, October 15, 2012

Jen's Baby Shower

Whew!  What a weekend!  I had so much fun hosting Jen's shower on Saturday.  We are so lucky to have such good friends in Matt and Jen.  It was great to see her and chat with a few of her friends and family members.  She and Matt drove home yesterday and she had a blog up about the shower before bed last night!  Talk about a productive woman.  Her blog is full of fantastic pictures that her sister Claudia took, so you should definitely head over to Bluegrass to Palmtrees to see more pictures.  Especially her answers on the Wishes for Baby - talk about a tear-jerker!!

The theme of the shower was pink/navy to match Baby Girl Wheeler's nursery.

There was a sweets table for guests to make their own goody bag to take home.  Assembling all of this was one of my favorite parts of planning the shower.  That and one of the games we played - Daddy Knows Best - you'll have to check out Jen's blog for those pictures.  If only we had video of OUR reactions to Matt's answers.  Who knew he was so into his hair?!?! (j/k Matt, you know we all love you)

Matt's mom, Peggy, Jen's mom, Susan, and Jen.  Can you tell they are over the moon about becoming grandmothers?!?!

The Mack Women:  Claudia, Jennifer, and Susan

A little after two o'clock I went upstairs to check on my litter napper.  Pete had picked her up from her friend's house just before noon and put her down for a nap in her crib before joining Matt and his dad for lunch.  (How did we not get any pictures of the dads?!?)  The party was long over and I started to take down the decorations.  The garland that hung from our front porch was Ellie's favorite.

Until Matt unpacked Jen's Snoogle in preparation for them to stay the night.  Then she was all about her Uncle Matt carrying her around in the duffle bag.

 So, again, not many pictures on my camera - check out Jen's blog for the real details!!

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Meredith said...

Jen is totally rocking that maternity dress! I have the same one and it looks terrible on me - I only wear it around the house or as a nightgown - but on her it looks FABULOUS! It gives me inspiration to try it again.