Thursday, November 01, 2012

Catching Up

Weekends have been pretty busy - here's a recap: 

Three weeks ago, on our way home from church,  we saw horses show-jumping in Centre Point.  They were there to promote the Alltech National Horse Show that's going on right now at the Horsepark.  We met Junior, Beau, and Maverick.  Ellie couldn't have been more pleased to see her beloved 'Hee Haws!'

Later that evening, we went to Evans Orchard to visit their pumpkin patch.  We had no idea they also had TONS of activities for children: potato sack slides, a petting zoo, a giant hay bale fort, etc.  We enjoyed our last sunny, warm Sunday, and Ellie picked a pumpkin.

Last weekend, we finally decided to tackle the leaves in our front yard.  We even had a third rake for Ellie!  She was more enthusiastic about it than we could have hoped.

Then on Sunday we had our neighborhood Costume Parade.  Our friend Scarlett (the strawberry) won for the 'younger ones' age group.  It was super-cold and dreary out, though, so everyone came back to our house to hang out!  It was so fun to watch all the little girls running around together - Ellie was in heaven.  We all had such a good time that we pretty much re-created it last night for Halloween - more on that later!

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Peggy Wheeler said...

Oh the fun of having a little one to share the world with. They make everything new again.
You and Pete are great parents and Ellie is one lucky little gal, actually you 3 are truly blessed.
Keep enjoying and updating.