Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Meeting Baby Kate

We drove to South Carolina to meet Miss Katherine Elizabeth Wheeler this weekend.  The only person who exceeded mine and Pete's excitement to see the new baby seemed to be Ellie.  All weekend she shouted at the top of lungs, "Baby Kate!" "Baby Kate sleeping?" "Baby Kate upstairs?"

Ellie meets her new friend Kate, still brand new to us at five weeks old.
Love this pic of the daddies and their mini-mes
Perfecting the 'one-finger' touch.
Jen reading Ellie a book (in German!)
Looks like he knows what he's doing.
"MATT!" was another favorite Ellie exclamation.  So much that she used it again upon spotting a dark-haired guy at the grocery store this morning. :-)

We arrived on Saturday afternoon after an overnight at Matt's parents' house in Tennessee (thanks John and Peggy!), and had a great time visiting with the new Wheeler family.  It's amazing how quickly I forgot how small and lightweight a newborn is.  The first time I lifted Kate into my arms, I almost threw her to the ceiling!  I've obviously gotten used to picking up a much larger baby.

Matt and Jen are doing such a great job tackling all the new adventures having a newborn in the house brings.  Can't wait to see them again - hopefully this summer for a weekend.  Our girls are going to grow up seeing each other at the beach annually (fingers crossed), and I can't wait to watch their friendships (and shenanigans) begin!


Jennifer said...

We loved seeing you!! These are some great pics, I'm stealing most of them for my blog too, somehow we didn't take very many on our camera. I love that Ellie called the guy at the grocery store Matt!

Jennifer said...

Oh, and as for annual beach trips- yes please!!