Saturday, February 02, 2013

Our Snowy Day.

She looks like an intern for Santa Claus
We have had two days of snowfall and are expecting to get more overnight tonight.  This never happens in Lexington.  Yesterday's snow was very powdery and it was 9 degrees out so we didn't have an opportunity to play.  But today it got up to 32 degrees!  So we suited Ellie up in her brand new snow pants and coat from Joanne & Jerry, grabbed our saucers and sled, and headed down the street to the Lexington Hearing and Speech Center.  They have a small field next to their playground with a nice, small, gentle slope to it.

ready to go

Can't even wait until we've left our yard to try out the saucer.
Hitching a ride from mom to the LHSC.
We weren't sure how much she would like it, so she rode down on my lap the first few times, but then Pete went down once by himself - on his tummy.  Next thing we know, Ellie starts chanting, "Eh-ya turn, Eh-ya turn."  So we sent her down on her tummy and she loved it!  She would get to the bottom and start walking back up for another trip down the hill.  

coming back up the hill
I tried to go down once on my own, but Ellie decided she wanted to chain on behind me - it was so funny!

We're so happy Ellie enjoyed her first sledding experience.  Pete and I loved taking her!!

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Peggy Wheeler said...

Looks like fun. Kids and snow are great.
John and I will have to go get Kate for her to experience any snow.