Thursday, March 07, 2013

She's at the Post!!

Sunday we had plans to go to Louisville to see our friends Carden and Courtney (and their kiddos Clark and Campbell).  However, the potluck for their farm wasn't until four, so we called Aunt Audrey and Uncle Andrew to see if they'd like a little Ellie time first.

Ellie does best when she is in a place where she can run around a little.  We think she is still a little young for the Louisville Science Center, so Pete suggested we take her to The Derby Museum.  It was a great idea!  There were a ton of places she could run free, and she got to ride on and see some of her beloved "Hee-Haws."

We all got in on the Dress Like a Jockey exhibit (which is something I had already planned for Ellie's birthday party), and enjoyed the walking tour around the paddock and grandstand area.  Our cute little tour guide couldn't get over how fast Ellie was as she ran all over Churchill Downs.  Luckily, we had Pete to chase her.

The arrow shows Pete, running after Ellie, who had escaped into the grand stands.
Then we went to the Place on Earth CSA farm potlock  and got to meet baby Campbell and see Clark again.  Ellie was shy for about 2.5 seconds before she showed Clark that she too was an enthusiastic hugger and could run all.over.all.the.time.  Their fathers couldn't have been more proud :-)

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Jennifer said...

How fun! I love the pics of everyone in their finest jockey attire, it reminds me of brand new baby Ellie's first derby party.