Monday, March 25, 2013

The End of an Era

Many of you saw on Facebook that Pete and I had been dating for ten years on Thursday.  This picture is from almost a year after our first date, but it shows how young we were.  (we were college graduates, it wasn't like we were high school sweethearts, but still, - look at that fresh pink skin!!)

Photo: 10 years ago we went on our first date. So lucky to have met the smartest, funniest, reddest guy around!

Our "official" first date was dinner at Rincon, then Chicago at the movie theater.  Rincon is across the street from where I used to work so we go there all the time.  Even though I no longer work at John's we still meet our good friends Joanne and Jerry there for dinner on many a Friday night.  Our favorite waiter was always Louis.  Louis was a runner in the community so he and Pete used to talk about their Bluegrass 10K times, discuss half marathons, etc.  One evening we gave Louis a hard time about wearing a button-up shirt and tie instead of the regular Rincon polo.  He explained to us it was because he was no longer a waiter, he was the manager.

We first took Ellie when she was three weeks old. 

When Pete was out of town for Ellie's first birthday, Joanne and Jerry didn't want us to be alone for dinner, so we went to Rincon. 

Last Friday (3/15) we went to Rincon for dinner (typical), and were talking with Louis about work, his kids, etc., when he told us that he was leaving Rincon!!!!  His wife's family owns another Mexican restaurant in town, and he was going to go work for them.  Saturday (3/23) was his last day.  So we went for dinner, of course. 

Both Joanne and I were teary-eyed as we said our goodbyes.  No, he's not moving out of town, but we tend to frequent restaurants in our neck of the woods (Rincon, Oasis, Puccini's, Bangkok House), and his wife's restaurant is on the other side of town.  We will miss his great service, and conversations, but mostly his friendly face.  Good Luck Louis!  It was a great ten years!!

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Pocket said...

Your bangs look fabulous!! What a sweet story. If you're feeling adventurous you could always visit his new place! Although there's no way it's better than Rincon. I'm craving a burrito for breakfast right now!