Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Easter Weekend 2012

We had quite the Easter weekend with our little almost-two-year-old.  To start it off, we attended a little brunch/Easter egg hunt at our friend Annie's house.  Pete and I weren't sure how quickly Ellie would get the concept of pick-up-the-eggs-and-put-them-in-the-basket, but she was an instant pro!

 Then there was fun to be had going down the slide,

and riding in the wagon. 

To top it all off, the girls decided to throw around some leaves for some inter-seasonal fun.

Later that day, after a nice long nap, we walked down the street for our friend Scarlett's 2nd Birthday party.  I didn't take any pictures there, but Ellie had a great time in the backyard, playing with colored poms, riding in Scarlett's new wagon, and stalking Blixa the cat.  So by 4:30pm on Saturday Ellie had eaten not one, but two entire cupcakes on her own.  I guess it's all in the spirit of a holiday weekend.

Sunday morning when Ellie came downstairs for breakfast, she discovered that the Easter bunny had visited her.

After breakfast we got ready for church, and then after church/lunch/nap we dyed some eggs.  (no pics of that, sorry)  Ellie did really well requesting which color she'd like to dye her eggs, and very gently dropped some eggs into the cups with adult assistance.

Ready for Mommy to go hide the eggs.

Note the eggs falling to the floor - yep, they were the hard-boiled ones.  Oops.

Watching Mommy hide the eggs in the front yard.

Then it was time for the hunt!  For the second day in a row, she had a great time.  And we didn't even have to fill the eggs with anything!!  (hoping this lasts for a few more years)

Just before the egg hunt, I had put in a rack of lamb to roast.  So after the egg-hunt, we had a hungry boy and tired (and hungry) baby girl.

I don't have a picture of our entire dinner, but the lamb turned out really well!  (It wasn't as rare as it looks in the picture, more of a pale-pink medium rare.)  I served it with warm red-potato salad and roasted asparagus.  Lamb recipe here.  

So that was our Easter Weekend - hope yours was as fun as ours!  Now bring on the spring weather!!


Pocket said...

Okay, okay. Maybe it's the baby bump, or the amazingly precious toddler, or your fierce bangs, but every single one of those pictures is adorable!! It was great to see you at the party, but I feel like I barely got to talk to you. We should get together again soon. I'll be at bunco on the 19th, but I'm talking our whole families should get together. I need to smoosh sweet Ellie's cheeks!!

Sarah said...

Love all the pictures! So glad Ellie had fun at Saturday's egg hunt. It's so fun watching all the girls together!

Peggy Wheeler said...

Adorable as always. So Ellie ate two "pupcakes" did she.
You look great. Hope you are feeling well.
Give your two cuties my love.