Saturday, June 01, 2013

The Unofficial Start of Summer.

What a weekend!  And it's only Saturday :-)

Ellie's last day at Jr. Tots was on Thursday.  No, we don't have the  summer off, but we are switching to a new daycare on Monday, and she started going to Jr. Tots in August, so it worked with the school year calendar.

Friday, Pete was able to stop work for the day early, so we took advantage of our brand-new pool membership and stopped by for an hour before dinner.

Then we had our first cookout of the year over at a friend's house - Ellie was so happy to be reunited with some old playmates!  (no pics, though)

This morning was our favorite 5K, Run for the Nun.  Pete ran it the morning of our wedding, eight years ago, and we have tried to attend every year since.  Pete came in third place with a time of 17:59 and Ellie and I couldn't have been more proud of him!  Alas, we were walking the course ourselves, so we did not see him finish.  But we were there for the awards ceremony.

After the 5K we stopped by the farmers market for scones, strawberries, and some other tasty treats.  Then, after lunch and Ellie's nap, we headed back to the pool!!  Ellie took much less time getting used to the pool today, and was ready to jump in right away.  Unfortunately, it began to rain, so we grabbed dinner at the poolside grille and THEN went back to the water for a bit.

Pete went out after Ellie was asleep to get us some dessert - and we had the perfect ending to a great day under which to eat it.


Julie said...

Wow Ellie girl has gotten so big! Hope your pregnancy is going easy-peasy.

Jennifer said...

I love the idea of taking a picture on the first and last day of a school year! She has changed SO much in such a short amount of time! I can't wait to see her and you again.