Saturday, December 28, 2013

More holiday happenings.

Apologies for the continued delays in publishing posts - it's hard work to keep up with everything!

We got our tree decorated.  We sang and danced.

We went to Ellie's school program.

For the amount of very loud singing Ellie does at home, she was surprisingly silent for her school program.  But here's a clip of it anyway.  And a clip of her singing at home with Caroline.

Wednesday evening, we went to Southern Lights.  It was so much fun!!  Much better than the last time we went, which was about ten years ago.  We think the lights were the same, just the experience that changed now that we were seeing it through the eyes of our two-year-old.  And we saw the reindeer!!

Here we are with Comet.  Cupid was in the pen next to Comet.  The nice man at their stalls said that when they aren't working with Santa they live in Harrison County and go by Snowshoe and Avalanche.  He also told us that they would shed their antlers in about three weeks, and that this is an annual occurrence. (Yes, for you especially observant readers, I had about five inches of hair cut off between the school program in the morning and Southern Lights in the evening.)

Saturday the Wheelers came to visit! It was so great to watch Ellie play with Baby Kate and get a picture of three of the four Coonettes together.  Can't wait to see the Wheelers again - hopefully this summer in Charleston, if not sooner :-)

 Up next: Christmas!!

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Jennifer said...

Sooner!!! Or you know, this summer works fine, I'd imagine both your and my family need a break from road trips for a bit.