Monday, January 06, 2014

Christmas 2013

Let's see what I can remember....

Christmas Eve Day was a little hectic with me trying to prep everything for breakfast Christmas morning, dinner Christmas Eve, and prep two girls and myself for church that night (in addition to regular daily activities).  PLUS we had an extra-special task this year:  Decorating cookies for Santa!!

 Ellie took it all quite seriously.

As per usual, Audrey and Andrew arrived in time for dinner and the candlelight service at Max Pres.  The service was at 7:30pm and Ellie usually goes to bed at 7:00pm.  She did very well until the end of the service when she got upset and shouted, "I WANT MY MOMMY!!" as Woody gave the Benediction.  It was pretty stressful trying to keep her in the pew, quiet during the readings, not let her catch her hair on fire during "Silent Night," etc.  Luckily, Caroline slept the whole time.  Next year we might go to the 5:00 service which is more geared toward children It isn't the lessons and carols format I grew up with, so we might skip it all together and start our own tradition.  Who knows.


In my house we always got to open one present on Christmas Eve.  Mine was always a dress to wear to church.  Among the gifts Aunt Susie and Uncle Joe sent us this year was a little black box for Ellie.  I suspected what was inside and let her open it before we left.


It was a beautiful single pearl necklace - perfectly sized for Ellie.  Ellie also wore the silver bracelet Grandma Prann gave her at my baby shower for the first time this year.  I have very clear memories of mom letting me wear my pearl necklace every year on Christmas and Easter.  She would ceremoniously get the necklace out of the jewelry box in her room.  It wasn't until I left for college that she gave it to me for safe keeping.  I'm so pleased that Ellie will have a special something to wear now, too, and hopefully great memories of the times she got to wear it. 

After church, Ellie put out cookies and egg nog for Santa before we whisked her off to bed.

She carried the egg nog like it was wine for Holy Eucharist.  Come to think of it, Santa might not mind some wine on Christmas Eve ;)


Then, before we knew it, it was Christmas Morning!

Ellie checked to see if Santa left her anything nice.  Santa left me an Amy Farrah Fowler figurine - silly Santa!

Ellie got a new raincoat from Santa and an Angelina Ballerina book from Aunt Susie - she had to get Angelina from the basement right away and wouldn't part with her for the rest of the morning. Side note:  The raincoat was one of the last presents opened because it was from Santa.  Ellie does not like the man in red and was nervous to open a gift from him.  Only after most of the other presents were opened, including Mommy's present from Santa, and Daddy's present from Santa, could she be cajoled into opening her gift from him.


Caroline was there, too!  After all, this was her FIRST Christmas.  Alas, when you're only 3 months old, there's not much to do but get examined by your sister. 

So that was our Christmas Day!  Hope yours was fun as well!!


Pocket said...

Cute cute cute CUTE!!! You all are way too cute. What a sweet gift from Aunt Susie and Ellie examining Caroline made me giggle! Hope y'all are staying WARM tonight!

Jennifer said...

I love the Crawfords. This post made me want to make snow angels, eat a whole roll of tollhouse cookie dough, and snuggle.