Wednesday, April 23, 2014

What's your favorite color, baby?

--I'm catching up on some posts here, sorry some of this information is old--


UK advanced MUCH farther in the NCAA Tournament than anyone expected this year, and Ellie was happy each time she got to wear her UK apparel.  There was March Madness day at school, followed by the UK vs UofL game, and, of course, Blue and White day when we made it to the Championship game (!!)  Her enthusiasm was pretty amusing, especially since she rarely was awake when the Wildcats actually played.


The Littlest UK Fan, in all her inherited gear.
Another game, another outfit.
Even I get dressed up for the big games.
Teaching Ellie the names of all the players.
Obligatory sugar cookies - Jen Wheeler, or her sister Claudia, has been making these cookies for UK games for over a decade!
After we won the UofL game - it was so late!! Around 1am.
The morning of the Championship game, I taught Ellie the fight song during breakfast.  I picked her up shortly before 5:00pm, and she still remembered most of the words!!  Our girl is crazy smart.  (I'll use that new word 'humblebrag' I've seen floating around the interwebs.)

We didn't win that final game, but we sure had a good time watching the Wildcats make it to the final game.  Here's to next year!

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Tammy said...

FUN!!! love Caroline's pants :) so sweet :)