Monday, April 28, 2014

Seven months of CHC.

Just as with her sister, Caroline's seventh month was one of many developments.  Still no teeth, but little miss Caroline finally rolled from front to back!  She continues to prefer sitting up, so I don't expect her to ever log roll around the room, but she has officially hit that developmental marker.  Caroline also started babbling!  One evening, right before her first solo bath in the tub, she looked at me and suddenly said, "mmmba," and then, "babababa."  Two front sounds at once!  Yay!  In the next week she added blowing raspberries and /p/ to her repertoire, and now is always having a little conversation.  She thinks raspberries are hilarious, and is often giggling to herself.  I love kissing her tummy and neck and nose and feet, just to hear her sweet squeal.

Caroline is still mostly cheerful, only getting upset if I go out of sight.  She's totally happy being with Pete and Ellie while I run out for a quick errand, but will start crying upon my return. 

Caroline remains our chunky monkey, tipping the scales at 19lbs, 12oz.  We love her big thighs and round wrists.  I feel like her cheeks are getting smaller, so that's a little sad.

On to the pictures!

St. Patrick's Day
Fifers Love.
Bonnet is darling AND functional!  Can't expose her porcelain skin to sun.
When mommy forgets the bonnet, we borrow a hat!
First time to ride in a shopping cart.
Don't you DARE learn to walk!


Jennifer said...

7 months!? How is that possible! She just keeps getting cuter!

Karen L. Reese said...

I see some ballet shoes sticking out there! :)