Wednesday, May 07, 2014

Easter 2013

Pete took a long weekend and we drove to Florida for Easter.  We were so excited to see Grandma Prann and introduce her to Caroline.  It's a two-day drive to Florida from Lexington, but the girls were really good on the road, and we arrived without much consternation.  (There was an hour-long traffic jam at the tail end of our trip down that involved a slightly-hypoglycemic Ellie barfing bile in a beach bucket, but we're gonna gloss over that detail.)

It wasn't super-warm while we were there, but, luckily,  we came for the company, not the weather.

Saturday morning we went to the beach.  Ellie was so excited to finally get to wear her PEAR SWIMSUIT!!!


Caroline seemed to enjoy having her feet in the water, so I changed her into her suit and plopped her in the sand. 
Caroline's first wave crash - I picked her up right after, don't worry.

After about an hour, Carl and Estelle met us at the beach and had a good time watching Ellie knock down sand castles.

 We had lunch at their new house afterward. 

After a long nap back at Grandma's, we dyed Easter eggs.

Easter Sunday we awoke to discover the bunny had visited and filled all our baskets on the dining room table!  The bunny brought Caroline a chewable book (seriously moms of infants, check out Indestructibles on Amazon, they're great!), and Ellie some gardening tools and chocolates.


We visited the playground across the street during Caroline's morning nap.  There was some fishing off the dock, and, an egg hunt in the afternoon (Yes, I changed them back into their dresses for the egg hunt and pictures).  In the evening, once the clouds finally broke, we had a quick visit to Venice Beach. 

We arrived home in time for our final Grandma Prann dinner of the trip. 

No one in my family will be surprised, but Grandma prepared a leg of lamb, roasted potatoes, mashed sweet potatoes, asparagus, roasted zucchini and summer squash - all without seeming to set foot in the kitchen.  For dessert there was berry pie a la mode.  Best cook in the world, hands down.

Monday morning we had our last morning at Grandma's and decided against lunch at Sharky's because the weather was still a bit yucky, and we'd rather stay at home and have more time to chat. 

We left after lunch and on our way up the coast, stopped at Umpah and Jan's living community so that Caroline could meet another one of her great-grandparents.  Ellie took some time to warm up to Umpah and Jan, but our CHC was happy to be held by CHC, Jr.

The drive home was LOOONG - there's really no good time to drive around Atlanta, and we were stuck in several other traffic jams secondary to construction, rain, wrecks, and whatever is always happening on Jellico Mtn to make it a thirty-minute delay.  But we all made it home and were happy to have made the trip. 


Julie said...

So many great photos from this trip!

Jennifer said...

Caroline stretching it out after a long car ride in the last pic cracks me up. You got some adorable pictures, thanks for posting!