Thursday, May 08, 2014

Keeneland Morning Workout

We did not make it out to the Spring Meet this year - we had plans every Saturday that the horses were running, and we weren't that enthusiastic about navigating Keeneland with a fast toddler and a chunky baby.  We DID however, take Ellie (and Caroline) out the Thursday before her birthday to watch the morning workouts.  It's a really good time to actually see the horses, and talk to their trainers, etc.  On Saturday mornings they have breakfast and children's activities, but we were just as happy to be there with coffee and doughnuts from North Lime, and not have to deal with any crowds.

We snagged a parking spot right by the stables, and watched this lovely horse eating HIS breakfast.

Ellie was so happy to be with her Daddy on a weekday morning!

Caroline seemed to enjoy her first trip to the racetrack, and liked it when the trainers slowed down so that the girls could get a good look at the horses.


Didn't take too many pics - had coffee and a stroller to juggle as well - but we had a really good time!!  Maybe in the fall we will get to see an actual race, but the practices are pretty entertaining.

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Pocket said...

That looks way more fun than a race, especially for kids!