Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Eleanor Wrenn is three years old.

Trying on her first pair of ballet slippers.
Ellie is three.  I have a three-year-old.  Wow - that is so weird.  But nothing is weird about Ellie.  She is your typical thirty-six month old (with all of the highs and VERY low lows).  She is smart and energetic.  She is decisive and loving.  She runs and rides and sings and dances all the day long.  Her preschool teacher agreed last week that she has two speeds:  fast and faster.


At her three-year-old well-check, Ellie weighed 32 pounds (70%) and was 40 inches tall (95%).  Our pediatrician couldn't believe how tall she is!  We assured him that there are at least two other girls her age that are taller than she is - but that she pretty much towers over every else.  He was also floored that she can count to thirty and write her name.  As my Aunt Susie told me, it's a good thing he didn't ask about her song repertoire! :-)

The afternoon I realized we needed to raise her seat - again.
Waking up is hard to do. (After a nap.  She's up and dressed before 7am every morning!)
Birthday morning - before school.
Ellie's birthday was on a Friday, so we sent her to school as usual.  (She has told me that she likes school days more than home days.)  Audrey and Andrew drove in for dinner/cake/presents, and had arrived by the time Ellie and I walked back from school.  We went for pizza dinner at Puccini's and brought the cake with us.

Everyone on our section of the restaurant sang along with us.
She blew them all out - first try!

We opened presents in the back yard before bedtime.   

leotard and tights to go with her new slippers - perfect for a ballet party!
Ellie's big gift should be a really fun one -- her very own camera!  I'm hoping to start some regular entries, from Ellie's point of view.



Julie said...

So cute! And the camera is such a good idea - can't wait to see what she captures!

Tammy said...

just catching up on several posts! Great pictures and fun times. My mouth watered at the menu Grandma prepared HA! She is the best! See you all soon in PA!