Thursday, May 22, 2014

Ellie's Third Birthday Party

The day after Ellie's birthday we had the neighborhood girls over (and Owen!) to celebrate our girl.  Ellie has been OBSESSED with 'dancing girls' lately- she loves her ballerina shirt, and her new ballerina shoes.  She likes to dance and twirl around the house whenever we play music in the house.  So the theme for her party was pretty easy to decide.

I tried to stay pretty low-key with the decorations and activities this year, just had ballerina dress-up, a craft table, and a short ballet lesson.  We moved all of the furniture out of our living room to make Ellie's Dance Studio.  The food was simple:  cupcakes, cookies, and fruit.


Ellie was so excited for her friends to arrive, she could hardly contain herself.  


Unfortunately, our ballet teacher had to cancel at the last minute.  So there are no pictures of seven girls and a boy lined up in our living room in their tutus practicing tondus.  (whump-wah)  Luckily, the children couldn't have cared less!  Pete opened up the back door, and after cake and singing, everyone ended up in the backyard going down the slide.  Typical.

The kitchen is always a favorite.

I don't know when I'll be able to sing "Happy Birthday" to my girls without crying, but suffice to say, three isn't old enough.
Ellie wasn't that into the cake, but little Audrey Eason was
Caroline liked the [wooden] cookies.
Herrington is quite the ladies' man.
His signature move.  Hello there.

I think everyone really did have a good time.  It was unfortunate that there was no dance class, especially since I had removed all the seating for the adults.  But the kids probably didn't even notice that there was an element missing from the party.  They had their friends, dessert, and a sunny morning of play.  What more could a group of two and three-year-olds want?
All partied out.

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