Wednesday, July 09, 2014

That about sums it up.

I read too many blogs.  There, I said it.  Or wrote it.  Whatever.  Feedly on my iphone is an enabler, and I read blogs every day.  During naps when I should be cleaning, or after the girls have gone to bed when I should be doing anything.  Anything.

Several of my friends have been on my mind this week as they have just started the adventure of parenting two children.  So much more than twice as hard!  I thought of Julie (welcome Josie!!) when Caroline would not sleep from 10:30-11:30pm the eve of Pete getting up at four a.m. to go out of town for two days.  It's much easier to let a baby 'cry it out' when there isn't the risk of waking the older sibling.  So I sat with her in the glider and bounced her as I walked around the room.  She refused to nurse, and that's all I really have in my bag of tricks.  I thought - at least I don't have to go work tomorrow, too - not that watching Ellie and Caroline all day and night is not work in itself.  Because it is.  It so is.  I thought of Cassidy (welcome Hayes!!) when Ellie was giggling out of control as Caroline crawled all over her while I tried to put on her overnight diaper.  That was a funny situation, but still made the everyday harder.  Different.  Slightly more difficult.

So I wanted to share this excerpt, from someone much more eloquent than I.  She doesn't post often, but Kate Baer was spot on with her post this morning

Anyone who has parented a human for more than five minutes has felt the coils of the day wrapping around their insides, making the chest tight and the stomach hungry for nachos. By 9pm, I have no words left. I just want to sit in the dark, watch Michael Scott, and not have to think any intelligent thoughts.
Shark tank idea: a service that comes to your house, gives you a glass of wine, ten minutes of uninhibited dancing, then rubs your back until you fall asleep. (That or someone who just shows up to play with your hair while you binge watch Orange Is The New Black).

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Julie said...

Staying home with kids is wayyyyyyy harder than outside-the-home work!!!!