Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Caroline's First Birthday

Last Monday our little Caroline turned one, and we had the nicest day celebrating her.  Caroline and Ellie came downstairs for breakfast and they BOTH had balloons tied to their chairs.  (Ellie got a big sister balloon.)  Caroline loves balloons!  She was so excited to have four of her very own!!

Birthday Girl breakfast - kix and yogurt
More balloon play after eating.

Pete had a home-office day on Monday, so after we picked Ellie up from school, we headed to Local Taco for Caroline's birthday lunch.

Caroline and Ellie shared a quesadilla.
After lunch we headed home for both girls' naps.  While they were sleeping, I brought Caroline's gifts upstairs and arranged them in the living room and got her cakes out of the fridge.  Ellie knew we were doing presents and cake after nap, so her nap wasn't very long.  She was very excited for the birthday girl to wake up.
Hello, bright eyes!
Caroline woke up around three, and we started our little party.  Pete and I had gotten Caroline just a few gifts:  a new diaper, a straw cup, a Duplo train set, and a wooden xylophone.  We hadn't gotten any actual presents - just the diaper and cup, and I have a lunch box for her when the time comes for her to go to school that I was going to wrap, but I felt really bad not having anything for her to open and play with, so Pete went to Target during nap and got the two toys.


Trying very hard not to open Caroline's presents.  Not entirely successful.

Aunt Susie sent a gift for Caroline AND one for Ellie, so the big sister got to open something, too.  It helped to keep the tantrums at bay.  There were still some tears and flailing on her back, but it wasn't as bad as it could have been. 

After presents it was time for cake!  Caroline loves Raffi the Giraffe, and Gymboree had the number one shirt with the giraffe, so the theme for her cake was a no-brainer.  Thanks to Pinterest for the inspiration, and Hank and Tammy for their fondant recipe :-)  Only the giraffe and flower are fondant, the rest is glorious, tasty, homemade buttercream. 


time to eat!
Caroline and Ellie sat at their little table to eat.  Caroline was so polite about it!  She didn't cram icing into her mouth, just took a few bites of icing and cake, and enjoyed eating with her sister.

For dinner we had Caroline's favorite foods:  cheese pizza and mixed vegetables.  Super-classy, I know.  Then we went for a wagon ride around the block, counted the kitty cats on Queensway, and called it a day. 

We had the best day being together as a family for Caroline's first birthday.  It was simple and sweet and we loved it!

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Jubilation T. Cornpone said...

I LOVE every single picture in this post! I never comment, but the joy here is good... too good!! More info on the bday hat? Homemade or lucky find? I love how special you make birthdays!!