Sunday, November 02, 2014

Halloween 2014

Hello there, faithful blog readers!!  For the few of you who still stop by to check our news, I will try to catch up as I have been very bad about blogging lately. 

We wrapped up a really great weekend that started with, of course, Halloween.  The weather was pretty miserable, but, luckily, we had a party to attend at our friend's house, and only went outside briefly to trick-or-treat up and down our block with all the neighborhood kiddos.

There aren't any pictures of all four of us, but Caroline was a mouse, and Ellie was a black cat.  Pete and I tried to complement each of them with some very quickly put-together costumes.

This picture was taken last weekend -when it was 80 outside - at our neighborhood costume parade.
Ready for school Friday  morning.
After a visit to the library Friday morning.
Cat and mouse partying at Emily's
Cat and mouse, part deux.
Ooh! This house has different toys!!
No one loves baby toys quite as much as big sister.
This is the only non-blurry shot I got of the trick-or-treating.  Very pleased about getting a Reese's cup at Stella's house.

Caroline hitched a ride.
End of the night, we brought our little kitty cat back home.

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