Thursday, November 06, 2014

Paws Reunion.

WHEW.  I had a wholelotta words written about this weekend.  Boring, timeline-of-the-day words.  Luckily, I paused before hitting 'publish' and am back to rewrite.  

Fall 2002 was my first semester in Paws and Listen.  I auditioned after hearing the group open for a choir concert or vocal recital or something.  It was sort-of on a whim, and sort-of because I still hadn't gotten over NOT making my high school's elite singing group. (it's right up there with not getting asked to prom)

I sang "I'll Fly Away" from Oh Brother Where Out Thou? and wore these really awful red (possibly nylon?) Old Navy pants.  Somehow, I made the group!  I was in a 16-member a capella group!!

I met all these great girls - especially this one cool Alto II, Rachael.  She had the most amazing voice, and was funny, and friendly, and a little bit nerdy.  She also really disliked my ex-boyfriend and was talented at boosting my ego whenever we would cross paths.

My second semester in Paws and Listen I started dating this redheaded runner guy I met at work.  Rachael sort-of knew him because he used to date a girl who lived on her floor when she was an RA. 
Fall concert - 2003.
My third semester in Paws, my parents came to visit and attend one of my final choir concerts before I graduated in December.  They had met Pete that summer when we went to Arkansas to visit them.  AcoUstiKats even brought my mom up on stage for their serenade number.  ("For the Longest Time," maybe?)  That was the last time my mom ever saw me sing on stage.  

All that to say, in hindsight, my Paws membership was during a pretty important and pivotal time in my life.  Rachael is now one of my best friends, and, obvs, there's that cute red head.

When we heard about the reunion concert, we decided we would attend together or not at all.  The first song we all sang last Saturday morning was Billy Joel's "And So It Goes," the very song I heard Paws sing that spurred me to audition.  Rachael and I were both in tears before the final verse. 

Bright and early - ready to rehearse.
We sang all day, barely even noticing when it was time to eat.  Girls from 2002-2013 all returned to sing the songs we loved in college.  Fast-forward through dinner at the King Alumni House, and we were putting on make-up in the dressing rooms behind the stage at the Singletary Center, just like the old days.  Of course, I don't have a single picture of us in our pretty dresses with full hair and make up.  There's supposed to be a video somewhere, but I'm not sure that I am willing to share video of the concert as I had serious trouble memorizing the words to the second verse of Boogie Woogie and pretty much snapped my fingers and smiled while the newer members sang their hearts out.

Raye returned to coach us - just as she had our first two semesters!

I had no idea how restorative it was going to be for me to leave my family all day and sing with an old friend.  I had no idea how much it would mean to me to be able to see my family - my children! - see me up on stage in the exact same place I'd sung as an undergraduate.  But it was great.  Really wonderful. 


Pocket said...

Yay!!! Sorry I missed your phone call today. Saturday was such a GREAT DAY!! I knew it would be, but I was still surprised at how much I enjoyed it. And I agree - singing for our littles was a thrill! Glad you posted about it because I don't know if I can find the words!

Jennifer said...

I love this post! What a special day, so glad you both got to participate!