Sunday, November 09, 2014

Gingkos on Catalpa

Every year there seems to be a magical weekend when - BAM! - all the Gingko trees on Catalpa turn bright yellow and fall to the ground.  We don't know if the neighbors on the block have an actual agreement not to rake them up for a few days or if it just happens that we drive by the block before anyone has gotten to their yardwork for the day, but each year when we see that the block has gone all yellow, we usually rush home to change into something cute and grab the camera.

Last Sunday was the day.  The girls were already dressed up for church and we saw the leaves as we were headed home for nap.  We went back over after nap.  (I, coincidentally, had also taken a nap, so go easy when judging my hair/lack-of makeup.)

First - 2012


wait for me!

ellie's favorite activity - running with Daddy

Our little stander - finally caught on camera!

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Tammy said...

LOVE those girls and those leaves :) Happy Autumn!