Wednesday, February 04, 2015

Our Snowy Day. 2015 Edition

We awoke the morning of January 24th to several inches of snow!  Far more than the two or so inches we expected!  Caroline was the first to make the discovery.  She said, "snooooowwww!" over and over again.  It was delighful.


After breakfast we bundled up and headed to the hill at the Shriner's hospital down the road from us.



We were one of the only families there, so we got to make a great path in the snow and sledded to our hearts' content.  Around 9:45am, Caroline started to cry, letting us know we had pushed her morning nap back far enough.

As soon as Caroline was down for her nap, we made hot cocoa!  With plenty of marshmallows and whipped cream, of course!


Later in the afternoon, I was driving home from somewhere (the grocery store?), and our neighbor Dan was building an ENORMOUS snowman in his yard with his son, Miles.  He said the snow had melted enough that it had gotten 'packy.'  In the morning it was too powdery to even make a snowball, but as the temperatures rose, it got a little slushy, so, once the girls woke up from afternoon nap, we could make a snowman!! (or three!)


Caroline wanted to go outside, too, and decided to dress herself.
"Hae Hae! Mih Mih! SSsssss" (HAT! Mittens! Scarf!!)

It was a great, great day.  We had tons of fun!

Little side story:  Friday morning picked Ellie up from school early and took her to her first movie in a theater.  We saw a matinee showing of Paddington.  (Pete took the morning off so he could watch Caroline.)


It was Pajama Day at school - so we just brought a blanket and she was ready to snuggle up and watch the show!

 It was such a sweet movie, we both loved it!


Pocket said...

Those girls get cuter every day! Glad you got one good snowfall - we're still waiting!

Tammy said...

Love catching up ! I desperately need to post! Great pics! Love y'all :)

Julie said...

Forgot to mention how much I'm looking forward to fairy door correspondence of my own!