Sunday, July 12, 2015

February 2015

Hi there!  I'm trying to resurrect the 'ole blog because we're having such a fun summer, but want to make sure I document the past five months for posterity's sake first.

We had an eventful February. 

Ellie got a fairy in her room!  We put up a fairy door, and left the key out one night, and the next morning, the key was gone, indicating that a fairy had take up residence.  Ellie named her Daisy Honeyblossom Snowdrop, and, a few days later, Daisy left a lease agreement for us to sign, so she would be 'official.'  Ellie draws her pictures, and she writes Ellie notes.  (though we haven't heard from her in some time, I suspect because there are shoes and clothes left on the floor, blocking her access.)

We made superhero masks for Ellie to give her classmates for Valentine's Day.  She helped me sew the ties on the eyes, and was very excited to sit at the sewing machine.

Then, THEN, we went to Florida for President's Day weekend via the Elder Wheelers in Tennessee.  Matt and Jen came as well, so we got to meet sweet baby Luke, and spend a day and a half with Kate and John and Peggy.  (of course I have no pictures with any of the adults in them, but, c'est la vie.)

It was some of the most fun we've ever had on Valentine's - dinner at Ed's Pizza, then on actual Valentine's day we took the kids to the Oak Ridge Children's Museum after exchanging valentine's at breakfast. 

And in the evening, John and Peggy had arranged for the girls to dip strawberries in chocolate together. 

After the kids were in bed, we all ate this amazing chocolate layered cake Jen and I picked up, and drank some boozy coffee that was a specialty of John and Peggy's.  PJs and cake before 9pm, that's what equals a good Valentine's Day when you have four kiddos between three and three months.

We were lucky enough to be missing out on some serious weather in Kentucky while we were in Florida.  Even Georgia had snow (which made our trip a day or two longer than we had intended.)  Grandma Prann was packing up her house to move back up to Pennsylvania, and I wanted to see Willow Lane and solidify all my memories one more time before the house was gone.  And, of course, we hadn't seen Pete's dad and Estelle in over a year, so they were also anxious to see the girls. 

Aunt Susie was in town helping Grandma pack up one last time before the movers arrived, so we all went to lunch at Sharky's (we ate upstairs at the new Fins - pretty much sharky's with a better view.)

Aunt Susie brought a book for the girls, "Turtle, Turtle, Watch Out!"
February was the month of Cares making this fantastic face - I loved it, and am sad she has outgrown this phase.

In case you wondered where she got the face. :-)

 We couldn't be in Florida without visiting Casperson Beach - and finding a shark's tooth, of course!

The spot where it all began.  If it weren't for this beach, we might not be a family!
In the afternoon we visited Sarasota Jungle Gardens, which had some great birds, and a few lemurs, monkeys, etc.  But the BIG draw - and surprise - was the flamingos - a huge herd of them!  All used to humans feeding them and walking among them. 

And then....A FLAMINGO BIT ELLIE!!  Who knew they would bite?!?!  We think Ellie stepped on that little guy's foot and he was just defending himself.  She had a red spot for just a moment, and was fine by the time we got back to the car.

Carl and Estelle were nice enough to watch the girls one night so we could go out for ice cream after they were in bed.  What follows is quite possibly the funniest - and most accurate - text we have ever received:

Carl took a few half-days from work so we could spend some time together (like I said, we ended up being there longer than anticipated in hopes we would drive home after the snow, not IN it - we sort-of succeeded.)

Carl and Estelle's street was great for wind sprints.

One more visit with Grandma - one more picture on the loveseat in the Florida room.
 We also drove up to see my Umpah at his retirement home one afternoon before heading home. 

And saw manatees up in Tampa.
I was lucky enough to sneak out our last evening in town and see Grandma without the girls for an hour or so.  She made me tea, we sat in the Florida room, chatted about her life with Grandpa and all their wonderful years together, and I took a picture of her even though she asked me not to.  I love this image - and I loved that house.

We wrapped up the month with a tree outside Daisy's door, and other general cuteness.



Jennifer said...

Welcome back! I have really missed your blog, can't wait to catch up on the rest of the year. Caroline/Pete making the same face made me do an audible snort laugh at my desk while eating my lunch.

Julie said...

Missed all this good stuff! You're going to be so glad you committed it all to the web. Viva Camp Crawford!

Pocket said...

Yay!!!! Glad you're posting again! The pic of Ellie getting bit by a flamingo is one of my top ten favorites!! She'll love that one when she's older!

pete said...