Monday, October 26, 2015

Sept 2015

September 1st, an after-work trip to the pool.  Our neighbors Bob and Julie gave Ellie a little wallet with 'pool money' in it for her birthday, so she was excited to purchase Icee Pops for herself AND Caroline and Daddy.


Sept 5th, we stumbled into a special Project Workshop at Home Depot.  We were stopping in because we needed light bulbs, but happened upon this great little workshop for kids!  HD provided aprons, and all the supplies.  There were even snacks.  We left with two Football Toss games, and two very happy little girls.  


Sept 6th, Jazz on the Lawn at Ashland, the Henry Clay Estate.  Another great Sunday evening activity with our neighbors.  Picnic blankets, wine, food, you get the idea.  Ellie was mooning over Jake.

September 7th, Labor Day.  We spent the day at the pool.  It was so crazy and full of people that I didn't take a single picture.  But there was a Toy Toss in the Whale Pool, and Ellie and Caroline each got a rubber ducky.

September 11th, Christ the King Oktoberfest.  No idea why they've moved it so early in the year, but we go for the beer and stay for the bingo.  It must be fun if we actually get a sitter.

September 12th - CASA's SuperHero 5K.  Ellie was so excited to get to both dress up AND run a race with her Daddy.  Her two favorite things rolled into one!  All the kid one-mile finishers got a cape and there were tons of activities for the little ones while the 5K continued: petting zoo, face painting, bean bag toss, etc.

Ale8 Man and SuperWoman getting their race numbers.
 Face painting while daddy ran his race.
 Petting Lil'Sebastian
 Ale 8 Man wins!!

 Great is the Daddy who gets his arm painted with the WonderWoman symbol per his daughter's request.

September 13 - Is this not what your house is like at nine AM on a Sunday?

Sept 15th - Caroline turns two!! (and likes to help with chores)

September 27th - Annual Pumpkin Patch Party at ViVi's House - hay rides, pumpkin picking, cider - a great start to Fall.

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Jennifer said...

Great recap! Except that now I'm singing "Bye, bye Li'l Sebastian" in my head. :-)