Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Caroline is Two!

September 15th was on a Tuesday this year, so we took the girls out for doughnuts before school drop-off.


I brought mini-cupcakes to school after nap.


We opened a few presents after school.  Her two main gifts were her own copy of "Owl Babies" and a little golf set. 


We immediately took it out to the front yard for a little practice. 


We decided to go to Rincon at the last minute for dinner, and grabbed a couple of cupcakes for dessert on our way there.
birthday girl!!!
Caroline's party was the following Saturday morning - all our little friends from the block came over to play in the back yard.  Caroline loves bubbles, so I had a bubble machine, a bubble wrap stomping station, a kiddie pool full of 'bubbles,' and, of course, some bubble-blowing stations. AND - the pièce de résistance, bubbly for the adults --> a mimosa bar!!





Later that day, we did the Official Two-Year-Old Turning Around of the Car Seat - how is this possible?!?!

Oh Caroline - you are our sweetie, our little darling, and we love you so so much!

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Redhead Runner said...

Why does she have to grow so fast!!!!