Wednesday, November 04, 2015

CHC at 24 months.

At two years old, Caroline is our little snuggly sweetheart.  She is quite the chatterbox, speaking in 5-7 word phrases and sentences for the most part.  For the longest time, after Ellie or I said anything, she would pipe up with an "it's true."  Now she's in the "why? why?!? why?" phase.  Also, when I tell her it's time to do something she doesn't want to do, like change her diaper, she'll say, "I'm good.  I'm good to go."  She still likes to be a helper, and quickly runs to join in on picking up or wiping down the counters, setting the table, etc.

Caroline can be very demanding and quick to yell for or grab the thing she desires.  I assume this is because she is growing up with an older sister, and if she doesn't eat it first or claim it for herself, it is usually gone.  She is still very attached to me, and loves to snuggle each night before bed, and first thing in the morning.  She is getting better about letting Pete do things for her, and sometimes requests him, but most things are still, "Mommy hold you!!"  The other morning Pete tried to get her out of his crib and she said, "Mommy do it.  DON'T TOUCH ME!"

Mid-September I left my job (and have another in the works), so we took Caroline down to part-time at daycare, and she seems to be doing better with this arrangement.  (Mommy is doing better, too.)

LOVES her babydoll from Annie.
I completely failed at doing Caroline's monthly blogs, but have kept a few notes on her milestones over the last year.  This weekend it was hard to believe that Caroline wasn't walking yet last Halloween, but she wasn't.  She took her first steps on 11/08/2014, and walked more than 10 steps at a time on 11/24/14.  She really started walking on 12/14/14, and was able to run by 1/15/15.  Here's a video from mid-December last year.

March 3, 2015 - She says her name for the first time, "Tear-nine"
March 17th - "mommy shoes off," "daddy working," "Ellie bye-bye," "no cleanup"
June 21st - "I fell down."  June 27th - "Ellie did it,"   28th - "my glasses fell down"
August - "Tear-nine" becomes "Care-nuh-wine" becomes "Caroluh-wine"


At her 24-month well-check Caroline was 35 1/4" tall (84%), and weighed 29lbs (78%).  When Ellie was her age, she was 35" tall and weighed 27.6 pounds - it's hard to believe Caroline is even taller than our little bean stalk was at this age!

Caroline, months 12-24

Here she is a few days after her birthday.

We love every moment we have with our girls - so glad Caroline came along to complete our family.

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