Monday, November 09, 2015

October 2015

Another month has come to a close and I am practically caught up on the blog - hurrah!!

October was another busy month for us, and it started out on the very first.  The Cubs were playing the (really bad this year) Reds to close out the regular season, so we kept Ellie home one day from school to take her to the game in Cincinnati.  Just the three of us - I think she really enjoyed the one-on-one time with mom and dad and no little sister.  Our goal was to make it through four innings, we certainly didn't expect Ellie to be able to watch for the whole game.  But she made it through five!  It was rainy and cold and we could not have been more proud of her.  We ate hot dogs and cotton candy and got hot chocolate on our way home.  Per Ellie, her favorite parts were sharing peanuts with the nice older man behind us (she had no clue they came in a shell!) and meeting Mr. Redlegs and Rosie Red.


October 3rd was our friend Jake's birthday party.  I didn't buy these outfits to match, they're both old Ellie dresses - what can I say, I like polka dots.

Pete had another featured moment in church on the 11th - all the people in the congregation who 'used to play an instrument' played the prelude and accompanied the hymns.  It was pretty entertaining.

I continued to work on the girls' Halloween Costumes.  We had a block party on the 18th, and neighborhood party on the 25th so I had to be finished sooner than usual.

I had to get something from the attic and found some old clothes of mine for Caroline to try.

The Cubs made the playoffs!  But Pete was in Boston that first week, so I had to send daily proof that the girls and I were supporting the team and that I was properly maintaining the 'W' flag that flew from our front porch.

The YHLers came to Cincinnati for a another book signing!  Emily and I drove up and picked up Rachael on our way.  There was a misunderstanding between the publishers and the Petersiks so they were not there at 10am before their 12n author panel as advertised.  No worries - we gabbed for two hours and had the best time - haven't done that since before we had children!

You just never know who you'll run into at Books by the Banks.

Joanne and Jerry invited us to go with them Sunday morning the week of Breeder's Cup to watch the morning workout and have breakfast.  We've done this before with the girls and it really is the best way to have children visit the track.  They can run around, and usually the trainers will bring some of the horses by to say hello.

Pete had business in Tulsa on Monday and Tuesday, so he tacked on two days to swing through Arkansas and pick up some of my mom and dad's things from my dad who is downsizing and moving to Texas to be closer to my brother.  We borrowed a Honda Element from a friend - can't believe he was actually able to fit everything!

End result, we have this section-of-my-home-that's-gone-all-country-living:

Pete arrived home on Thursday, and Friday was Breeder's Cup!!  We got last-minute grandstand tickets from a friend, and couldn't say no to a piece of history.  (Lexington has never hosted the Breeder's Cup before.)  I wore an old dress, and an old coat, and borrowed a necklace, but picked up a fascinator at a boutique on Wednesday.

Pete REALLY surprised us all by wearing a bow tie!  I've thought for years that he would look great in one, but Pete's work clothes are usually a polo or half-zip and jeans, and we don't really have any occasion for dressing up otherwise, so there has been no real reason to have one.

This is the only picture we have from the meet.  It was really fun to be at Keeneland and see the extra touches and structures built for the Breeder's Cup.  We each had a bowl of burgoo and a bloody mary, and bet on each and every race.  We didn't win a dollar, but had a great time.  The city had a great system for getting everyone to and from the race track, and we were able to take our shuttle bus to and from Rupp Arena with no hangups at all.

We picked up the girls from our neighbors' house in time to get them in bed at a reasonable hour - and the next day was Halloween!

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Jennifer said...

What a fun month! I'm most impressed by Pete's Element-packing skills and so glad you have some new/old pieces to remind you of your childhood and Mom in your home. Congrats on getting the blog caught up!