Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Catalpa Day 2015

Every year we keep an eye on the Ginko trees on Catalpa Drive to see when they are at their most yellow.  It seems this is something everyone in our area does, as we are never the only ones taking pictures of our little ones in the gorgeous yellow leaves - how can anyone resist them?!?

Two Sundays ago Pete checked them out on his run and they seemed to be at their peak color, so we put the girls back in their dresses after nap and headed over with our camera.

A note about Ellie's dress:  This was the first day she wore it, and it is a size 5.  It's so short that I'm wondering if I bought a tunic that I meant to have her wear as a dress - What do you think?  Dress on tall girl?  or top?

 It's hard to get her to slow down long enough for a shot.

And of course - last year and this year! 

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