Thursday, September 30, 2010

The work has begun!

Monday the contractors came to make their plans for the week. There have been a few changes now that we tore our kitchen down to the bare bones. The kitchen ceiling slats had some bowing so they had to be replaced to be even with the dining room ceiling (now that it will be just one big ceiling).

Then they installed the first of the light fixtures...

tore many little holes in the wall to run some new electric lines....

...and made some personal notes on our dining room wall!! Aack!! They will not be doing that any longer. Pete assures me he had words with the contractors.
And then when I got home today there was a brand new ceiling!!
Unfortunately, they apparently forgot to install the insulation or leave a hole for the vent hood!!
So tomorrow they will be TEARING DOWN the nice new ceiling, replacing it after they've installed the insulation and the hood, and working on Saturday to make up for the the work time lost.

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