Sunday, October 03, 2010

So how are you EATING?!?

Thought y'all might like to know how we cobble together meals now that we have no kitchen. To be perfectly honest, we ate out quite a bit before the renovation began, so now it's even more of an excuse to go to Rincon or Oasis. But I do make breakfast every morning (egg on toast) and pack my lunch every day for school, so that's something. And we do manage to eat here about 3-4 times/week. We are very lucky to have tons of room for storage in our house. So we made some space and are trying to use all those little electric appliances we received from our wedding that don't get much regular use!

This is on the finished side of our basement - it's the cutting board and plates and things we use most often, and dry goods like crackers and chips.

Now we're in the unfinished side. Nestled in between the dog food and wrapping paper is our mini-fridge and roasting oven - which I have learned will bake chicken and roast potatoes.

Waaay back in the back of the basement is a random sawhorse table thing -- it now holds our crock pot and electric griddle. We're having chili tonight - thanks Crock Pot!

Not pictured are our full-size refrigerator and microwave. Those live out in the garage. I keep hoping we'll get the microwave down in the basement, but I think Pete might need help carrying it down - it's kinda big.

In other news, Audrey and Andrew ran their first 5K on Saturday!!! Yay! We're SO proud of them! Pete and I drove up to Louisville Saturday morning to run the race with them...well, I ran it with them... Pete, of course, had to go and WIN the race in 17:57. We took a little bit longer than that :)

We went to breakfast at Wild Eggs after - yum!

Big week coming up kitchen-wise: tomorrow the dining room and kitchen will be painted, Tuesday through Friday they'll be re-doing the floors!!

p.s. if you have any great crock pot recipes -- please share them!

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Jennifer Wheeler said...

Aww... very creative! It's only temporary, and it will be so worth it. I'll e-mail you my fall standby crock pot dish- chicken and dumplings!