Monday, October 25, 2010

Getting There...

Last Tuesday our cabinets were delivered.

They were installed Wednesday and Thursday.

Our kitchen is looking functional again! Today they installed the knobs, and did some electrical work. TOMORROW THEY MEASURE FOR GRANITE!!! YAY!!!

Here's the color we chose, though this won't be the exact slab we get. We'll get to look at the slabs and supervise the layout of each big piece before they make any cuts.

Sometime next week (hopefully!) our appliances will arrive. Which means we will have ICE whenever we want it!!! (you totally miss the little things)


Jennifer Wheeler said...

Ooo! The new cabinets with the recessed lighting is so pretty! Also, I love the fruit ticker! :o)

Amy D said...

This is shaping up to look snazzy. Does this mean I'm going to have to start paying when I stay at Spa Crawford? Can I babysit in exchange for room and board?